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This program is for converting an EPUB file to a PDF file for printing.

The goal is to have the result resemble the EPUB book as closely as possible. Of course, because the EPUB format is not meant for printing, this is not an exact science. Nonetheless, all styles specified by the EPUB author are preserved, and additional sensible defaults are used.

Parameters such as page size and margins are easily configurable.

Page numbers and hyperlinks are not deemed important because links are not meaningful for printing and page numbers do not exist in EPUB electronic books.

Jar w/dependencies & source (14.5 MB)


epub2pdf epubFileName pdfFileName [styleString|styleFileName]

Example styleString: "@page{ size: 21cm 30cm; margin: 10%; }"

Tags: java, xsl-fo, css, pdf, xslt

Created on Wed, 06 Mar 2013 22:11

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