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Excel dynamic sort

Sorting data in-place in MS Excel is easy. This technique however will sort a table without changing the original data. This means you can have several referring tables that will automatically update when the original data is modified. Without macros.

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This is our initial table:

1 NameScore     
2 Mallory50     
3 Bob120     
4 Eve10     
5 Alice100     

Let's sort by score. Fist we need to add a column to the left of the data, with the "RANK" of each row. We have to add +COUNTIF(C$2:C4;C5) if the sorted variable (score) is not necessarily uniqe.

1 NameScore     

Then we add a column with the desired order of data, usually 1,2,3,.. or perhaps a descending order.

1 NameScore Desired order   
23Mallory50 1Bob120 
31Bob120 2Alice100 
44Eve10 3Mallory50 
52Alice100 4=VLOOKUP(E5;A$2:C$5;2;FALSE)=VLOOKUP(E5;A$2:C$5;3;FALSE) 

That's it!

Now, if score is updated in column C, the sorted list to the right will automatically update. Especially convenient if you want to sort the same data in different ways.

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Created on Tue, 07 Apr 2009 00:00

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