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Ubiquitous Web OS Command Line

Update: I wrote a similar bookmarklet with a GUI.

The last couple of years, I have been wondering who my "online profile" will belong to. First, applications started moving from the PC to the web, such as email and bookmarking. Then browsers started syncing bookmarks and customizations across different PCs and mobile devices.

All of these developments are really exciting, but I am not totally satisfied. For one thing, you have to choose and stick to one particular browser. Also, they do not sync everything that I would like (e.g. Greasemonkey scripts). A blog post about alternatives to Mozilla's Ubiquity introduced me to some great projects, and inspired me to start using Quix. Quix lets you access your bookmarks, custom searches, and other tools, from one place. It works across all browsers and doesn't need to be installed!

Not long after, however, I decided to not depend on Quix at all, and write a free, open version. While Quix lets you write your own command file, I also let you modify and store the code. This way, you don't have to worry about Quix crashing, going bankrupt, or eavesdropping on your traffic. You just have to host one JavaScript file (or use mine) and remember its address.

Clicking the following image invokes the script: Web OS Cmd

Drag it to your browser's toolbar for convenience. Alter the web address in the link if you want to use your own copy or modified version. The file: WebOsCmd.js

Tags: bookmarklet, privacy, javascript, cross-browser, prompt, accelerator

Created on Sat, 06 Feb 2010 22:21

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