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IMG Mosaic Generator

A simple open source photomosaic creator (with support for multithreading) written in Java.

For more technical information, visit Google code, where the code is hosted.

To use, download IMGMosaicGenerator.jar, and run something like:

java -jar IMGMosaicGenerator.jar bigpicture.jpg 100 75 mytilesdirectory

This will look for image files in mytilesdirectory. Every image file is then resized to resolution 100x75 and matched against every position of bigpicture.jpg:

IMG Mosaic Generator

The preview window is updated every time a tile is a "best match so far". Window can be resized:

Resized window

Two versions are created (one normal and one "optimally dithered"):

Version 1, none-dithered photomosaic

The second version can be obtained when aborting the process by clicking in the window and invoking the following dialog box:

Version 2, dithered photomosaic

Output is in HTML. To save as image, Firefox add-on, Abduction! can be used.

Tags: java, mosaic, photo, dynamic_programming

Created on Tue, 24 Nov 2009 19:44

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