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Preparing photos for Facebook upload

Update: Improved version in a new post of mine.

A few tips for using Facebook and/or other services. You will need ImageMagick and Linux or Cygwin.

Order images correctly

Copying images to your computer, or rotating them, may ruin the files' time (of last modification). If your album contains images from several cameras, the file names can't be used to sort the images either. The following command renames the files to the second they were taken (see Exif).

c=0;for i in *.jpg;do t=`identify -verbose $i |egrep 'Exif:DateTime:'|sed 's/[^0-9]//g'`; mv $i "$t-$c.jpg";c=$[ $c + 1 ];echo $i;done

Remove excess information

Be sure you don't share more than you mean to! Also, saves you a couple of bytes to upload. (Copy files to a new folder first.)

for i in *.jpg;do mogrify -strip -resize 604x604 $i;echo $i;done

Of course, for some services, keeping the metadata could be useful.

Anonymize file names

Finally, you may want to rename the album file names:

c=0;for i in *.jpg;do f=`printf "%04u" "$c"`;mv $i $f.jpg;c=$[ $c + 1 ];done

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Created on Sat, 17 Oct 2009 15:23

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