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Some of my small projects. More on the front page.

GreasemonkeyDirectLinkThis Greasemonkey script creates links to in-URL URIs. For example, if a link points to www.foo.com?u=bar.com, a link to bar.com is created.
OnlineExcel TranslatorTranslates Excel function names between several languages. Convenient if you read about a formula you want to use on a webpage that is in a different language than your Excel version.
ApplicationIMG Mosaic GeneratorA photomosaic creator.
OnlineExcel SortThis page explains sorting of data dynamically in Microsoft Excel, without macros.
ApplicationRuntilKills a process when it gives specific output.
OnlineGraphDynamic PNG graph generator in PHP.
GreasemonkeyFinn distanceExternal linkAlters www.finn.no to show driving distance and more. Outdated!
GreasemonkeyNRKExternal linkProvides a link to clip stream URL in NRK "Nett-TV"External link. Outdated!
GreasemonkeyChange links for port forwardingChanges spcified links to use port forwarding.
GreasemonkeyLink titleExternal linkA way to get a link's title when posting a comment on a blog.
GreasemonkeySkandiabanken statementExternal linkGroups (sums) statement ("kontoutskrift") entries to/from same receiver/recipient. Outdated?
OnlineLego vs. PlaymobilExternal linkAn animation I made with a friend many years ago.
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